Dear Friends,

Welcome to our website!  We are glad you have chosen to investigate our offerings. The Learning for Life Center is dedicated to Planetary and Personal Wholeness and Wellness.   People have always said I was 20 years ahead of my time… I’ve been thinking about that recently, and I realized that we opened the doors of The Learning for Life Center 20 YEARS AGO!  I am still here. I am ready! 

I am guessing, that many of you, my friends, are also ready to help to bring about more wholeness and health for people and the planet.

I am a Life Coach / Mentor who is dedicated to serving as an Educator. My role is to facilitate learning… allowing people to draw out of themselves their unique gifts. The time has come for us to learn ways to release old patterns of victimization and co-dependency, and find ways to empower ourselves and others.

We teach the ABC’s of Life:



We believe that YOU and your values matter!

Maybe you were one of the people at the 2018 Women’s March in Lawrence, Kansas. Here’s a video of the event. Maybe you were at the March on Sunday, January 21st. Stay tuned for photos and videos of both events.  Send your photos to be included too.

We will be updating the website over the next few days with photos and more videos. If you were there, you might find your picture here on our website. If you were there and I missed getting a photo of you, please email or text me one; I’ll post it.  If you were at a Women’s March somewhere else today, you might want to send us a photo of you,  your sign, your group, and or your family. We will post your photos here too! The first one you see in me in Lawrence on Saturday, January 20th.  The rest of the photos were all taken on Sunday, January 21st. at the March in Topeka…

You and your values matter!

We are a force!  We…the people!!!  We stand for love, kindness, equality, compassion, and empowerment!  We are CO-CREATING NEW REALTIES…Together! Go Team!

C is also for Consciousness:

We experience Super Moons, Super Bowl Sundays, and we Super-size our food and drinks! Piggybacking on that theme we, at the Learning for Life Center, want to invite you to a Super Bowl of Consciousness Explorations!

We will be exploring New Old Wisdom relating to spirituality and consciousness. We will use Dr. Elmer Green’s book, The Ozawkie Book of The Dead, as a focus and a reference for our discussions. In the 3-volume set of books, Elmer shares about his life and the development of biofeedback and brainwave training.
He lists 17 proportions for us to ponder and discuss; ideas gleaned from many years of reading and researching esoteric literature and his own personal experiences relating to science, spirituality and consciousness. He shares his “Vision Dreams,” and his experiences of contacting his High Self and his Subconscious Selves. Elmer wanted people to read his book in order to “get the word out” to everyone on the planet. I am grateful to be a small part of helping that to happen. As we become more conscious and mindful, we are Co-creating New Realities!  (Read details about Exploring Consciousness in our February Newsletter, and on our EVENTS page.

We believe that YOU and your values matter!

I am passionate about sharing the model of “Compassionate Communication” (AKA Giraffe Language) that I learned from Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, back in the 80’s. Why is it called “Giraffe Language?” Because, of all land animals, giraffes have the biggest hearts!

It changed my life. I choose to be of service to others on a one-to-one basis or with families, organizations, and businesses. My partner in life, Verne Brien, and I, also enjoy presenting workshops and sharing a variety of ways to implement the ABC’s of Life to “Make America Kind Again.”  Let us know how we can support you, your family, or your organization.

YOU matter!


Blessings, LaVetta

LaVetta Westphal-Rolfs  

lavetta@learningforlifecenter.org    or  785-633-9999





“Think Globally, Dream Universally,

Keep your Feet on the Ground …and Have Fun!”

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