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Justice Pricing


The Learning for Life Center is committed to Sustainable Community Development. Justice Pricing allows us to provide education to anyone with a desire to learn. Our goal is that no one is ever turned away due to lack of funds.  In addition, this system allows some folks to give from their abundance by “paying it forward.” This provides  an opportunity for people who wish to support The Learning for Life Center and share with others.  Many classes at the Learning For Life Center utilize Justice Pricing.


Supporter Pricing covers the cost of yourself and contributes toward the cost of others and the Learning for Life Community.


Standard Pricing covers your cost for the class.


Community Pricing provides an opportunity for people in our community to attend classes at a lower cost because of the generosity of others.



“DANA” is the root word for our English word, “Donation.” There are some events which indicate that Dana is the suggested form of payment. The tradition of practicing DANA (dahnah) is a way we support our facilitators and teachers for their freely given time and talent.

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