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Giraffe Language

Compassionate Communication
AKA “Giraffe Language”


How to Speak Giraffe

Knowing that our first language is the “Language of the Heart,” children easily relate to the language of compassion. Based on the  idea that of all the land animals, giraffes have the biggest hearts, children will explore when their needs are met, and when they are not met.  They will practice identifying and  shifting “Jackel” feelings to “Giraffe” feelings.  They will be introduced to a simple 4 step way of speaking from their hearts and listening with their “Giraffe Ears.”  In this class they will learn to “use their words to identify and share their feelings, and their needs.
Learning Giraffe Language  –

The Language of the Heart

Explorations through experiential activities provide the basis for this class.  Learners will practice communicating using a four-part model of Communication in which they will use art, drama, and various forms of expressive arts to integrate into their own lives ways to express feelings, and make requests in order to meet their needs. They will relate this model to their own lives as they learn to speak and listen with their hearts. Learners will be introduced to cool ways of recognizing when they are speaking Giraffe Language, and when they are speaking of thinking like a Jackel.  They will explore ways to express their needs for independence, make good choices, and to identify interesting ways of requesting that their needs be met.

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