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Exploring Consciousness Study Group

The Learning for Life Exploring Consciousness Study Group is facilitated by LaVetta Westphal-Rolfs. We are exploringThe Ozawkie Book of the Dead  by Dr. Elmer Green.  For many years, the Learning for Life Center hosted dialogues with Elmer, who is best known for his development of biofeedback. As a scientist and researcher of consciousness, he and his wife, Alyce, worked together for many years at The Menninger Foundation. They traveled to India in the 70s, to research the states of consciousness obtained during the meditation of advanced yogis.  They also developed and did research on energy healing. Their ground breaking work in the Copper Wall Project studied healers from around the world.

The Ozawkie Book of the Dead is a three-volume recounting of Dr. Green’s life and studies. These books offer a fascinating journey into the inner worlds of Elmer and Alyce,and Elmer’s propositions concerning the planetary and individual evolution of consciousness and spirituality.  

LaVetta knew Dr. Elmer Green for many years, considering him a friend, mentor and teacher, giving her a unique perspective and insight into Dr. Green’s work.  Dr. In these discussion groups you will explore a vast array of topics, including energy medicine, Alzheimer’s biofeedback, consciousness and spirituality.

The discussion groups will meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Learning for Life Center or on the Zoom Platform.

The books may be purchased by contacting LaVetta at 785-633-9999, or by emailing us at info@leaning 

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