Learning For Life Center Dedicated to Planetary and Personal Wholeness and Wellness https://learningforlifecenter.org America/Chicago America/Chicago America/Chicago 20181104T020000 -0500 -0600 CST 20180311T020000 -0600 -0500 20190310T020000 CDT ai1ec-2829@learningforlifecenter.org 20180923T104032Z Class,Free Events LaVetta Westphal-Rolfs; 785-633-9999; info@learningforlifecenter.org The Learning for Life Center is hosting an upcoming Super Bowl of Consciousness Explorations on April 7th. We will be reading and dialoguing using The Ozawkie Book of the Dead by Dr. Elmer Green, as a focus. This three-volume set of books tells the story of Elmer’s research and development of biofeedback and brainwave training.  He and his wife, Alyce, dedicated their lives to reading, writing, researching, and sharing about planetary and personal consciousness.   In order to  support people reading The Ozawkie Book, and prepare for this day long dialogue event, we are offering 4 book study groups / PRACTICE SESSIONS in February and March. These are the DATES TO SAVE: Feb. 6 Feb. 20  Mar. 6 Mar. 20 April 7      LaVetta knew Dr. Elmer Green for many years, considering him a friend, mentor and teacher, giving her a unique perspective and insight into Dr. Green’s work.    In these discussion groups you will explore a vast array of topics, including energy medicine, biofeedback, meditation and mindfulnessconsciousness and spirituality. The books may be purchased by contacting LaVetta at 785-633-9999, or email at info@leaningforlifecenter.org. 20170620T183000 20170620T203000 +39.03648;-95.711181 Learning for Life Center @ 1709 SW Randolph Ave, Topeka, KS 66604, USA 20170620T183000 20170704T183000 20170718T183000 20170801T183000 20170815T183000 20170905T183000 20170919T183000 20171003T183000 20171017T183000 20171107T183000 20171121T183000 20171205T183000 20180206T183000 20180220T183000 20180306T183000 20180320T183000 0 Exploring Consciousness Book Study free Event