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Meetings on Z oom Platform
\n1st. & 3rd. Thursdays: from your computer\, tablet\, o r phone
\n6:30 – 8:30 pm. – Central Time
\nJuly 6\, July 20\, Au gust 3\, August 17\, Sept. 7\, Sept. 21




\nConnect with us from wherever you are via the ZOOM PLATFO RM.
\nYou may CHOOSE to use your phone\, tablet\, or computer.

\n< p>In order to participate on Zoom\, you will need to:
\n1. Download t he Zoom app. onto your phone\, tablet\, or computer.
\n2. Create your Zoom account.
\n3. Click “Join Meeting”
\n4. Enter Meeting ID N umber: 9301707631
\n5. Click “Join.”