Learning For Life Center Dedicated to Planetary and Personal Wholeness and Wellness https://learningforlifecenter.org America/Chicago America/Chicago America/Chicago 20181104T020000 -0500 -0600 CST 20180311T020000 -0600 -0500 20190310T020000 CDT ai1ec-2898@learningforlifecenter.org 20180923T102239Z Free Events LaVetta Westphal-Rolfs; 785-633-9999; lavetta@thelearningforlifecenter.org; www.learningforlifecenter.org   PASS IT ON SALE Saturday, October 28   9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 1709 SW Randolph Ave. Topeka, KS 66604 We will once again be hosting a Pass It On Sale at The Learning for Life Center so we can practice ALTRUISM. If you want to donate and participate, please call / text LaVetta at 785-633-9999. If you donate on Friday afternoon, plan to work a while on Saturday. On Saturday, we invite you to come and buy wonderful things for yourself, and others. Proceeds from the sale Will go to non-profit organizations that support People and Rebuilding Efforts In areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. We are encouraging ALTRUISM to flourish. With some exceptions, there will be no prices on items. You are invited to give what you feel an item is worth, and also how much you want to help our Global Family as they rebuild their lives and their dwellings after the devastation they are in the midst of today.  This ancient way of sharing and supporting each other is called Dana. Dana is the Sanskrit root word for Donation, which means to give back, as you are able, in proportion to what you are receiving. We ask that you donate accordingly. “Think Globally, Dream Universally, Keep your Feet on the Ground …and Have Fun! 20171028T090000 20171028T150000 +39.03648;-95.711181 Learning For Life Center @ 1709 SW Randolph Ave, Topeka, KS 66604, USA 0 Pass It On Sale free Event