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Linda Daniels

metealbackgroundLinda Daniels is dedicated to providing vibrational healing assistance using sound, geometry, color and scent during this time of planetary ascension.  The current shift in consciousness and vibration elevation, which is well under way at this point and accelerating rapidly, is causing a great deal of stress for all the beings of Earth, human, animal and devic. Linda offers vibrational healing through sound therapies with tuning forks, singing bowls chimes, and drumming and as well as  Reiki and mandala healing meditation classes.

Linda has practiced trance and shamanic drumming for over 15 years.  Linda is a certified tuning fork therapist and has studied sound healing with Jonathan and Andi Goldman, completing the work for certification through the Annual Sound Healing Intensive in Loveland CO.  Linda also works with the toning methods of Dr. Anthony Polumbo, DO, for the alleviation of chronic pain caused by unresolved emotional disturbances. Linda also incorporates Tom Kenyon’s work in her classes and therapies, especially with the 10th dimensional Hathors who support her sound healing sessions.

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