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The Learning for Life Center is dedicated to personal and planetary wholeness and wellness. We believe we are all here in Earth School to learn. We provide opportunities for all ages to find the support they need as they explore their Dharma, their Life Path. We encourage people to explore various aspects of themselves as they grow toward living the value taught by all spiritual paths – Love, Compassion and Kindness – care for themselves, others and the Planet.

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The Learning for Life Center

The Learning for Life Center (LFLC) was founded in 1998 by LaVetta Westphal-Rolfs to provide a resource for personal and community creative exploration and growth.    It is LaVetta’s dream that the LFLC provide a nurturing space to allow people of all ages to find the bravery and the will to deal with the issues …

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Lavetta Westphal-Rolfs

LaVetta Westphal-Rolfs is the founder and director of the Learning for Life Center.  LaVetta views the Learning for Life Center as a classroom for Earth School where people can come together as a community to learn and support one another’s growth and learning.  LaVetta is passionate about teaching just about everything!  LaVetta has dedicated her …

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Co-Creating Reality

  Co-creating Reality Heart To Heart with You, LaVetta, and Verne   Co-creating Reality is a playful, experiential, fun workshop / presentation in which participants practice their ABC’s, The ABC’s of Learning for Life: A – Authenticity, B – Bravery & Balance, and C – Compassion, Creativity, & Conscientiousness. LaVetta Westphal Rolfs and Verne Brien …

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Dana (dahnah)

“Dana” , pronounced dahnah, is the root word for donation.  Dana is a privilege.  It allows you to support those who support your growth.  The Learning for Life Center offers several classes or events that are dana based.  Dana is giving back to those who give of themselves, their wisdom and time, and from whom …

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Glossary – Words We Sometimes Use         Dana (dahnah): Dana is the root of the word donation. Dana is giving back to those who give of themselves, their wisdom and time, and from whom we learn things to help us. Dharma: One’s Life Path and Right Path –  Within the context of Earth School and the …

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Justice Pricing

JUSTICE PRICING The Learning for Life Center is committed to Sustainable Community Development. Justice Pricing allows us to provide education to anyone with a desire to learn. Our goal is that no one is ever turned away due to lack of funds.  In addition, this system allows some folks to give from their abundance by …

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