"I have gained skills in Compassionate Communication that I continue to use daily."

I could write a book about all of my wonder-full experiences over all these years being connected with the Learning for Life Center and LaVetta and Verne. I have loved taking yoga classes and eventually teaching some yoga there! I loved all of the variety of movement classes that have been offered including Chi Gong and dance and LaVetta’s classes of Authentic Movement, which helped me reconnect with my body and balance with my mental, emotional and spiritual self. I have gained skills in Compassionate Communication that I continue to use daily. LaVetta clearly is masterful in teaching this and knows the framework as well as how to help others where they are and uniquely apply it in their own lives. LaVetta has kept the Center alive for so many years and has offered a place for all to gather and share, hosting so many events, classes, meetings, and interactIve lectures in a wide variety of health and wellness. I have enjoyed the deeper connection with myself and others, and feeling of community, whether through art, music, meditation, drum circles, or sharing groups, from practical grounded gardening skills, to studies with consciousness expanding leaders, such as Dr. Elmer Green. LaVetta has always encouraged others to offer their skills and talents, and for me to share mine through teaching movement classes and women’s wellness, as well as I had a space to offer my massage and energy work. I expressed some of my skills as an office assistant at the center, seeing firsthand what is involved in everything and everyone working and flowing together. I increased my skills further by serving as a member of the nonprofit board. I so appreciate being supported and honored in my uniqueness and the encouragement in my individual process and inspiration for me to grow and expand. I received so many benefits in my integration of all aspects of myself. My Self-Integration sessions with LaVetta were quite transformative. The intention of this center is clearly to serve and assist others and the community in health and growth on all levels. For so many years it has been a center for my learning. I have been blessed beyond what I can express here. Thank you to LaVetta and Verne, and all who have contributed in service at the Learning For Life Center. Nancy-Grace Way "

–  Nancy-Grace Way

"I find that I am making daily decisions from a more conscious and compassionate perspective than I was before I started the training."

"The Compassionate Communication and self-integration training that is offered by Lavetta (and the Learning for Life Center) is unbelievable. It has helped me as a real estate agent in my conversations with prospects and clients by better understanding my methods of communication and how my own past patterns either continue to serve me or hurt me. The Compassionate Communication training introduced new methods of interacting with people in my life (family, kids, friends) and helped me use different types of language in the words I choose to say and the thoughts I choose to have. My vocabulary has increased from the 5-6 generic words that I may have used to closer to 15-16 words that specifically explain how I feel. This specificity is important in my interactions because it allows to be better understand other people and in turn my own feelings. The Self-Integration training is even better. By consciously practicing these techniques, I have been able to develop my own higher consciousness. I find that Im am making daily decisions from a more conscious and compassionate perspective than I was before I started the training. I can easily move away from the fear based, lower level frequencies that are everywhere these days (in the media, conversations with friends, on social media). Instead, I can choose to operate daily from a higher vibration and my interactions with other people in both business and at home are even better for it. In addition, this training has allowed me to move past old habits that no longer served me and I can choose to live in a better light with better results. Basically, its awesome and I would highly recommend this training for anyone who is growth oriented and wants even more of the good stuff from life. ------------------ Thanks, Andy Watkins, JD KW Advisors DRE: #01478668 CalBar: #196097 C: 310-383-6239 E: "

-Andy Watkins, JD
KW Advisors
DRE: #01478668
CalBar: #196097

"The healing and understanding I have gained from our work together has truly given me a new lease on life."

I am a life coach and hypno-therapist who has had, throughout my life, extensive training in a variety of fields and methods of personal growth, and I can honestly say that working with Lavetta on self-integration has been the most powerful, healing and liberating experience of my life. I have gained more insight into myself and the dynamics of my emotions and how I relate to others than ever before, and this has allowed me to become more authentic and fulfilled in both how I relate to those around me and how I relate to myself. Recently my oldest son, Hunter, who I loved more than life itself, and who was only twenty-one years old, was lost at sea, and never returned to us. Although I am familiar with losing friends and family members, his death left me empty, heartbroken and hopeless like never before. Then, I called Lavetta and now I am so grateful that I did. The healing and understanding I have gained from our work together has truly given me a new lease on life. I feel like I am becoming better than before, wiser and more capable of fulfilling myself and others more honestly and authentically than before. My only regret is that I didn’t wait until the tragedy of losing my son to start working with Lavetta. So, my only question for anyone considering working with Lavetta is this: When would Now be a good time to Start? Dr. Corey Lee Lewis Founder, MindBody Mastery Coaching "

-Dr. Corey Lee Lewis
Founder, MindBody Mastery Coaching