The Art of Compassionate Communication

The Art of Compassionate Communication (The Language of the Heart)

OUR INTENTION: At this day-long workshop, LaVetta and Verne will share a model of Compassionate Communication which allows people to become more Independent, Authentic, Brave, Compassionate, and Kind to themselves and to others. Our goal in this class is to introduce participants to the Art of Listening and Speaking with Kindness and Commpassion…  “The Language of the Heart.”
BACK STORY: LaVetta has been practicing and sharing Compassionate Communication since she met Dr. Marshall Rosenberg in the 80’s. Marshall’s PhD research provided the basis for the creation of this 4 part model of what is now known as Compassionate Communication or Nonviolent Communication. Verne has been experiencing and learning this way of communicating since the moment he met LaVetta 13 years ago. It is sometimes called “Giraffe Language” because, of all land animals, giraffes have the biggest hearts… and they have the ability to see and hear what is going on around them from “a higher point of view”… they see the bigger picture and are able to witness the interactions from a different perspective.
A QUESTIONAIRE- To determine if this class is a good fit for you:
Do you wish that people would listen to you… truly listen to your feelings and needs?
Do you ever feel confused when interacting and trying to communicate with others?
Are you interested in learning ways to listen deeply to another person’s feeling and needs?
Would you like to participate with others in learning a four-part model of Communication?


ABOUT THE CLASS: Participants will be introduced to a four-part model of Compassionate Communication developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. Participants will practice in pairs and small groups, as they learn the art of both expressing one’s feelings and needs, and listening deeply to other people’s feelings and needs with equitable sharing. This way of communicating helps people to both express feelings and needs, and to receive other people’s feelings and needs. Compassionate Communication Classes help people learn to live compassionately with themselves and others. It is especially important to have self-love and self-acceptance as we go deeply into becoming more conscious and more conscientious. This way of communicating is sometimes called NVC (Nonviolent Communication) or Giraffe Language, “the language of the heart.” It encourages us to interact with more genuine kindness and to dialogue with friends and family in new ways. Participants will be invited to practice… The ABC’s of Learning for Life:
A -Authenticity… B 4 Real
B – Bravery…Be Brave enough to be Authentic
C – COMPASSION & CHOICE… If you can be anything you want to be… BE KIND
… and Know that you have CHOICES!
LaVetta is a COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION CHEERLEADER: She says, “I am passionate about sharing this model of  Compassionate Communication (AKA Giraffe Language) that I learned from Dr. Marshall Rosenberg back in the 80’s.”  Learning  and practicing NVC / Compassionate Communication changed my life. Now Verne and I present workshops together in which we can be of service to others. I am also available to work with clients as a LIFE COACH on a one-to-one basis, assisting families in implementing FAMILY MEETINGS, and helping organizations use this model for TEAM BUILDING so that they can work together more effectively.


BUY ONE— get one FREE… Bring a friend or family member for FREE …
We encourage people to participate in this class with another person; a friend, family member, or co-worker. When using Compassionate Communication people report that they are able to express their feelings more easily and enjoy calmer and more easeful interactions with their children, their families, and co-workers in new and exciting ways.
$ 99 per person – ADD A Friend for FREE  (Justice Pricing?)

Registration opens soon!


We look forward to connecting with each of you who have expressed interest in becoming more aware of the power of our words. We will explore, discuss, and practice ways of communicating which allow us to be more clear, conscious, compassionate, creative, and connected with ourselves and others.  We invite you to call, text, or email with us if you have questions or want further information.
And as my mother used to say…
“Communication is Understanding.” – Iona Pratt Westphal   
from the well known author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey: 
“The psychological equivalent of air is to feel understood.” – Stephen Covey